Credo Coaching in Cape Town

Credo Coaching offers a refreshing style of life coaching and creates a fun, relaxing and secure environment. We focus on change and development in any of the life areas.

As your Life Coach I will:

• brainstorm and set goals with you that are important to you;

• keep you focused to be on a path and on a fast track;

• challenge you and increase your rate of development;

• develop strategies to overcome your fears;

• so that you can enjoy maximum achievement.

Athletes have coaches to enhance their sporting achievements. Now you can have a coach to enhance your life!

Life Coaching takes you on a journey where the focus is on YOU. You learn how to become EMPOWERED, take control of your life and become even more successful.

  • Life Coaching

    Credo Coaching is based in Cape Town and offers one-on-one life coaching focusing on goal setting, personal development and self awareness.We also offer employee coaching and training for small businesses.


Credo Coaching

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