Cornerstone Connections in Cape Town

Cornerstone Connections offers business solutions in training & development to enable people within organisations to contribute to their maximum potential.

Services are focused on medium sized businesses that need strategic people development support (often because they lack their own in-house resources) Many organisations that fit this description have experienced or are currently experiencing rapid growth and the old ways of working are no longer effective. If that sounds like you, you may be finding that you need more clarity and structure around the way you manage and develop your people.

Cornerstone Connections specialises in offering consultancy services and training in the following areas –

  • Performance management
  • Talent management
  • Team effectiveness
  • People Management Proficiency Training Programme

    Modular training focusing on person, team and results and supported by coaching to enable new managers/ supervisors to be effective right from the start.
  • Performance Management Health Check

    Assess your organisations processes for managing performance, make recommendations & design processes e.g. appraisal relevant to your environment and equip managers with the right skills to implement the processes
  • Team Effectiveness Tool

    Diagnose team strengths, opportunities and potential for conflict to enable the team to work more effectively together(Diagnostic & personality questionnaires are used)
  • Career Coaching

    Individual coaching or workshops that equip people to take charge of their career and their development so that they are able to make good career and life choices.
  • Talent Management Services

    Consultancy services that enable organsations to put in place processes e.g. succession planning, career mapping that will attract, develop, engage and retain individuals that add value to the organsation.


Cornerstone Connections

people management proficiency training programme performance management health check team effectiveness tool career coaching talent management services