Capewatersolutions in Cape Town

Cape Water Solutions is an approved Water Rhapsody Franchise servicing the greater Cape Town area. We provide sustainable and ecological solutions for saving, storing and reusing fresh water. With our flagship systems we are able to reduce your municipal water consumption by up to 90%. Our WWF green trust award winning water saving products include the “Water Rhapsody Garden Rhapsody” - grey water reuse for irrigation, “Water Rhapsody Grand Opus” - rainwater harvesting and reuse, “Water Rhapsody Second movement” - the reuse of grey water for the flushing of toilets, “Water Rhapsody Multi-flush” – interrupted flow toilet flush, and “Water Rhapsody Poolside Tank” – for the cleaning and reuse of pool water usually lost while backwashing.

  • Greywater garden Irrigation

    Reuse grey water (bath and laundrey water) to irrigate your garden instead of paying to use potable municiple water for irrigation. Save on averge 30% of your water bill. Instead of sending grey water to the sewer why not reuse it.
    • Greywater garden Irrigation
    • Greywater garden Irrigation
  • Rainwater Harvesting

    Collect store and use rainwater for more than just the garden irrigation. Why not use your collected water immidiately as your tank fills instead of waiting for summer. Use it in the home for washing, flushing toilets and garden irrigation.
  • Toilet Multi flush

    Flush until the bowl is clean instead of emptying the entire cistern, wasting valuable fresh water.



greywater garden irrigation rainwater harvesting toilet multi flush