Cape Crating (SA) (Pty) LTD in Cape Town

Cape Crating - Leaders in packing and securing cargo. We are the only company in africa to be invited to join the international export packers association INPRO GROUP. For your Export PackingSolution anywhere in Africa, Contact Owen
Export packing solution
  • Wrapping & Packing

    Cape Crating provides barrier foil packing services to protect your moisture sensitive cargo. Furthermore we can pack and wrap everything you want to protect it and make sure it will reach itsdestination perfect condition. By continuously paying attention to your needs, we advise you on how your cargo could be handled in the best way.
    • Wrapping & Packing
    • Wrapping & Packing
    • Wrapping & Packing
  • Container Loading

    Cape Crating is able to place specialized teams and forklifts, onsite or at any location. These teams will take care that your container will be loaded or unloaded safely.
  • Crating

    Whether it is fine art or heavy machinery, Cape Crating can built wooden crates to your demands. We have the knowledge, expertise and possibilities to fulfill your packing needs. Our experiencecombined with knowledgeable employees ensures that even the biggest, heaviest pieces of equipment are prepared for shipping. All the timber we use meet ISPM-15 treatment requirements. Examples ofcrate styles we provide: solid crates, slatted crates, heavy duty crates, palletizing of cargo, trade show crates, re usable crates.
    • Crating
  • Transport

    For transport of your goods, Cape Crating has its own fleet of 11 trucks in different sizes that will collect your cargo from you or your manufacturer. After that, we deliver your packed cargo to depot for export.
  • Hazardous Packing & Documents

    For hazardous packing & documents we have got a specialized division at Cape Town International Airport. This staff is trained to provide you with solutions for your hazardous cargo & documentation.
  • Rigging

    Our staff is trained for rigging operations and can take care of your rigging projects anywhere, at any time. We own a crane truck which can lift up to 7t at 5 meters. This truck can pick and place6m containers. Our truck is also available for general collections and deliveries as well as rigging jobs.
    • Rigging
  • Heat shrinking

    Heat shrink-wrapping is a good way to protect large or small goods from shipping elements at a low cost. Cape Crating shrink wraps yachts, industrial machinery, large cargo and much more as a preparation for transportation or warehousing.
  • Lashing and Securing of Cargo

    Our staff are trained to calculate lashings, required to meet IMO standards for lashing and securing.


Cape Crating (SA) (Pty) LTD
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