Capaci Time Management - Access Control - Payroll in Cape Town

For over a decade Capaci software develops and supports time management, payroll and access control solutions for businesses from small, medium to the largest corporations in the South African market. The software has established a reputation of automated excellence which saves you time and money. Capaci Software integrates with state-of-the-art technology for the attendance of employees. We specialize in facial, finger biometrics, FRID (radio frequency) vain and hand scanning to provide a complete and secured solution for your company. Stream line is one of the key factors in a business, by reducing payroll errors and time spend on calculating hours is a benefit, but will also show a return in your investment, adding continuous value to your business. Contact Janine today for a free demonstration.
  • Time and attendance - access control - payroll

    Capaci Time Management Module (CTMM) automates the calculation of the actual time worked by employees. It keeps your workforce streamline and provides accurate data with an absolutely easy to readand comprehend summary no matter what the complexity of your business hour. Capaci Payroll Management (CPM) gives your HR team the flexibility to create and process salary structures for eachemployee. This module is user-friendly, and provide end-users with a simple "three click" process when generating payslips. Capaci Access Schedules will enable you, to draw up schedules to maintainwho gain access to specific locations, with this in mind you have the benefit of protecting your assets, sensitive data and manage employees at local and remote locations.
    • Time and attendance - access control - payroll


Capaci Time Management - Access Control - Payroll
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