Byers and Associates Security Services in Cape Town

Byers & Associates Security Services provides security solutions for clients in the commercial, industrial, and retail industries. From armed guards, cctv monitoring, fingerprinting and forensic investigations, we do it all. We offer a qualitative and quantitative service to our clients that exceeds the minimum standards set by commerce and industry.

  • Commercial and industrial security

    Prior to us taking on any new contract we prefer to do a Risk Assessment and discuss possible risk concerns with the client. Thereafter a proper Standing Operating procedure is drawn up in conjunction with the client
  • Guarding

    Our guards are highly trained and screened to ensure only the most efficient and qualified candidates are selected. We also put in place various measures to monitor their activities on site.
  • Risk management assessment

    Risk Management is as much about identifying opportunities as it is about avoiding losses. Careful analysis helps us identify and overcome your particular security concerns.
  • Armed response

    Byers Security is a highly visible force working together with the SAPS, Law Enforcement Agencies and other private security companies. We work to combat crime, deter loiterers around business premises, discourage unauthorized street trading, as well as bringing an end to illegal parking and dumping.
  • Retail security

    We specialize in this field by being actively involved in the Risk Management and the Shrinkage Awareness of the clients business.
  • CCTV monitoring

    Many companies have CCTV, but, few monitor the system effectively due to time or financial constraints. If managed correctly, however, CCTV is a valuable and cost effective tool for loss prevention, safety and security.
  • Forensic investigations

    Byers and Associates engaged Pieter Rossouw in June 2008 to expand the services of Byers in the Forensic field. This increased our services to include investigations in Corruption, Theft & Fraud, Fraud & Corruption Prevention, Truth Verification, Computer Analysis & Imaging; Back Ground Checks & Asset Recovery.


Byers and Associates Security Services

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