Business Consult in Cape Town

Tienie le Roux and his associates are business consultants and advisors. They provide business advice that works, including mentorship, to small and medium enterprises. They help businesses to survive and thrive.

What can Tienie and his associates do for you:

Total Business Strategies (business plans)

Growth Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Transforming the business model

Mentoring decision makers

Exit Strategies (selling, retirement or other)

Helping businesses to survive and thrive!

  • Business Advice

    To help a business owner to identify problems in the business and to provide solutions and advice. Also to help the business owner to implement the solutions and advice in practical terms.
    • Business Advice
  • Mentorship

    To help a small business owners over time to grow the business by being available as a sound board and mentor. And together to develop ideas, solutions and to apply practical advice that works.
  • Small Business Consultants

    Small Business Consultants help small business owners to grow their businesses and to give advice, help with business, marketing and strategic plans of a business.
  • Business Consultants

    Business consultants help business owners with their daily challenges such as cash flow, sales, marketing, personnel and growth and to give feedback and reports where necessary.
  • Business Strategies

    Business Strategies are all the strategies that is done in all areas of need of the business with the aim of growing the business.

    • Business Strategies
  • To survive and thrive

    Business owners are mostly so involved in the business that they are not on the business and can not see the strategic challenges or obstacles. That limits their ability to surive in difficult times.
  • Business and Marketing Plans

    We write business and marketing plans for clients.


Business Consult
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