Britefire in Cape Town

Britefire is dedicated to excellence in business strategy, innovative marketing and performance improvement.

Through consulting, training, and project management, we help clients understand, embrace and exploit opportunities of the internet.

  • E-Marketing Consulting, Project Management, Social Marketing

    Britefire works with its clients to create innovative e-marketing solutions and build online businesses. Experienced, objective, pragmatic, and strategic in focus, we have been immersed in real-world business applications of emerging technologies for years. We have seen what works in e-marketing and what does not; what is hype and what is real. We have helped many organisations peer over the horizon, clarify their strategies, and develop the skills to execute flawlessly: global corporations like Credit Suisse, Marriott International, Cisco Systems, Intel, and American Express; educational and consulting institutions like Georgia Tech and Kepner-Tregoe; and a host of large and small enterprises in between. Britefire specialises in exploiting opportunities in e-marketing and in using online media to build brands and drive offline business. We have a particular focus on conceiving and executing innovative customer-centric web 2.0 projects. And we provide consulting in vision or strategy setting, usability research, website audits, & website development Every company that wants to be better positioned for success in the 21st Century can benefit from the insights, inspiration, and guidance that Britefire's e-marketing consultants can provide. So give us a call!

  • E-Marketing Training

    Britefire offer a host of courses, that can be attended either individually, or as part of the E-Marketing Professional Certificate.

    The courses available include:

    Hana Hana: The Social Media Marketing course

    ProFound: The Search Engine Marketing course

    @traction: The Email Marketing course

    Finesse: The Digital Usability course

    UpCell: The Mobile Marketing course

    Balance: The Analytics course for Digital Marketers

    Gambit: The Digital Strategy course

    vivaLDI: Project Management for Leading Digital Initiatives

    Packed: Internet and Social Marketing to attract tourism to your business

    Social Media Boot Camp: Hands-on course with Facebook Timeline for business, YouTube branded channels, Twitter, blogging and more!


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