Bowline in Cape Town

Bowline – Your cost-effective and efficient solution to operational and logistic requirements?From the initial assessment of your project through to final distribution, Bowline is there every step of the way and guarantees a level of service that is a cut above the rest. Bowline Distribution covers various market segments such as music, software, computer peripherals, hardware and book distribution. The first Microsoft Authorised Replicator agreement in South Africa was concluded between Bowline and Microsoft in 1995 and today Bowline is still the primary supplier of Microsoft OEM and DSP products to South Africa and Sub-Saharan AfricaBowline’s head office is in Cape Town with a strong sales and merchandising office serving the Gauteng market from offices in Pretoria.Bowline enjoys preferred IT, Games & Music supplier status with most retail chains and smaller music, software and games outlets across South Africa.Bowline is your solution for manufacturing, replicating, distribution, sales and merchandising!
  • Distribution

    Bowline is a independent music distributor who takes pride in providing quality service to their artists. Get your product to store level.
  • Manufacturing

    Bowline assists with the replication and manufacturing of CD's, DVD's etc. For competitive quotes contact Bowline.



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