Beer Bus in Cape Town

Beer Bus gives you an opputunuty to dedicate a whole day to the amazing craft we call brewing beer. We start the tour from Banana Jam Cafe at 9am. We then hop on the bus and head towards Stellenbrau.Here you will be treated to a complimentary beer and proceed with a tour of the brewery to see how the beer that you are busy drinking is made from start to finish. After the tour you will have theopportunity to taste all the beers that Stellenbrau make. Next we head to Wild Clover Brewery, where you will have a tasting of the 4 different and delicious beers available. Wild Clover will alsoserve as our lunch stop, they have an amazingly yummy menu :) After lunch we head towards Cape Brewing Company or better known as CBC. Here you will have a guided tour of the brewery and an in depthtasting experience of the 4 different beers available. We then hit the road again back towards Cape Town on route to Devil's Peak Taproom, to enjoy yet another tasting of the amazing beers they haveon tap. The last leg of the tour takes us back to Banana Jam Cafe which should be around 6.30pm. There will be a table reserved for the tour group to have some dinner and discuss the days events,whilst tasting the amazing craft beer selection available at Banana Jam Cafe. Tours are limited to 10 people, this ensures you have an intimate experience at all the breweries we visit. All thisyummy beer goodness will only cost you R575pp. The price of the tour includes transport, all tastings at the various breweries, brewery tours at Stellenbrau and CBC, a complimentary 500ml beer atStellenbrau. NB: Buying of beers after tastings will be for your own account. Lunch and dinner will be for your own account, as well as any beer from Banana Jam Cafe. Remember to bring some cashalong to make sure you don't miss out on some of the amazing beers you are going to taste on the day. Hope to see you all on the Beer Bus asap ;)
Visit and taste some of the best craft beers at some of SA's finest microbreweries!
  • Microbrewery Tour

    Beer Bus gives you an opputunuty to dedicate a whole day to the amazing craft we call brewing beer. Beer Bus Microbrewery Tour will consist of: 1 Day 4 Breweries 14+ Beers 100% Good times :)
    • Microbrewery Tour


Beer Bus
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