BAMR (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town

BAMR (Pty) Ltd is a family run business which supplies, repairs, services and calibrates instruments for the Industry, especially in the Coatings, Corrosion and Allied Industries since 1946.We represent some of the Market Leaders in the World in Southern Africa and strive to combine quality products at competitive prices, with personalised service. BAMR’s instrumentation covers the following applications : Adhesion, Climate Condition Monitoring including Temperature and RH, Coating Thickness, Concrete Testers, Physical Paint Testing Equipment, Distance, Gloss, Hardness, Inspectors Accessories, Laboratory Equipment, Measuring Instruments including Levels, Anemometers, Tachometers, Sound Levels, Vibration, Metal Detection, Moisture, Porosity / Spark Detection, Surface Preparation, Ultrasonic Thickness, ViscosityPlease enquire about our Free CD and Catalogue of our Products


BAMR (Pty) Ltd

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