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Bagraims Labour Attorneys Can Help You With: * Dismissals * Retrenchments * Union Problems and Strikes * Employment Contracts and Agreements * Training / HR * Disciplinary Codes * Litigation and CCMA Hearings * Charing Internal Disciplinary Hearings * Strategic Labour Relations Planning
  • Labour Law Services

    Labour LitigationWhile we never litigate where a viable alternative is available, we remain specialists in the field of labour law litigation and are ever ready to fight for our clients. Our enviable reputation as a firm that wins far more cases means you can be confident of the best representation when bringing applications or defending actions.General LitigationOur General Litigation Department deals with all aspects of the law, including collections and liquidations.Collective BargainingFair DismissalsDevelopment of Healthy Labour Relations at Plant / Shopfloor Level
  • Employer Rights

    Although employer rights are not stated as clearly as employee rights in law, they do exist. The principle of fair work for fair pay remains a right for employers everywhere. But what can employers do when they feel their rights are being undermined or abused?Maintaining good disciplinary codesKnowing your industryFamiliarise yourself with any special rules and issues that apply to your industry. For example, industrial labour law and retail labour law are both areas that have their own special requirements. Being aware of industry specific issues can often forestall problems before they arise.Creating an effective employment contract
  • Employee Rights

    Employee rights have been subject to increasing protection since the Labour Relations Act of 1995 was introduced. This law, along with its amendments and other legislation has certainly done much to improve the rights of all workers in South Africa. However, the dynamics of different rules for different industries, employees and situations has made for confusion, even in the Labour Courts themselves.
  • CCMA Hearings

    While helping our clients with CCMA hearings (or avoiding them completely) is an area we have great success with, it is advisable to have some knowledge of the rules and processes of this often misunderstood body.We spend many hours preparing for Arbitrations, to avoid any room for error. Our approach is to ensure even the most negative Arbitrator can assess our client’s position correctly. If, during our preparations, we uncover technical legal points which can be exploited in our client’s favour we determine to use them for maximum benefit.


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