Aseka Import- export Agency in Cape town

Welcome to; Asek@ Import- export Agency. We are specialized in the following range of products: 1. Fashion, 2. Cosmetics, 3. Arts & Crafts, 4. Religious Products...etc. Our main products include; 9k Gold/ gold plated jewellery- chains, neck laces, bracelets, ear rings, pendants, wrist watches, etc. Excellent Opportunities Exist Across South AFRICA for suppliers from worldwide in a wide variety Of consumer products. Please forward us your product; Catalogues, Brochures, Price lists & Samples, etc. to find out more. This is a Professional import- export agency based in Cape town - South Africa, we were first lunched in November, 2005, and have since then grown immensely. We have registered over 200 products with hundreds of trusted buyers and suppliers from worldwide that have over the past years successfully engaged in business with our agency. Simply contact us via email for more on our risk-free-trade Opportunities.. Asek@ Impex.


Aseka Import- export Agency

free! office awaits interested suppliers in s.a. manufacturers and suppliers wanted for ladies & gents underwears, etc. best offers on: gold chains, bracelets, pendants, etc.