Ardyss International in Cape Town

Ardyss is a leader in the health & wellness industry that specializes in Reshaping garments, Nutritional Products, Skin Care (Personal Care) and our healthy blend of DeLeon Café Coffee. Their revolutionary concept of reshaping the body from the outside-in and reviving the body from the inside-out has catapulted Ardyss to expand globally.

We are also looking for distributors to join and be part of our team!


  • Nutritional Products

    Revive your body from the inside-out!Our complete line of nutritional products provide a vast array of antioxidants, multivitamins, fat burners, regenerators, energizers, and digestive products that will revitalize you.Ardyss nutritionals are the perfect complement to a healthy diet and exercise routine as approved by your physician.
  • Reshaping Garments.

    Drop 2-3 Sizes in 10 minutes.For men and woman.Our Reshaping Solution When Worn:- Helps to firm and control your abdomen with a flatter appearance- Helps to lift and hold your lower stomach in position- Pulls your shoulders back and corrects your posture- Gives upper and lower back support- Thins the appearance of your hips and thighs- Lifts and holds buttocks up in position- Helps reduce waist by 2-3 sizes instantly.
  • Skin Care - Personal Care

    Ardyss' Personal Care line is designed to help rejuvenate, hydrate and beautify your skin. Complete with products designed for various skin types, our personal care line helps to accentuate your true beauty.We also have Hair Care!
  • Healthy Coffee

    Our healthy brew is a gourmet blend made from carefully selected ingredients, which represent the standards of the company founders and their value for good coffee.THE HEALTHY BLEND *Ganoderma Lucidum HealthHelps to improve blood circulationMay aid calm nervesHelps to enhance immune systemMay help to detoxify & energize your body*Omega-3 Health Benefits:Helps to maintain a healthy heartMay reduce stress


Ardyss International

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