Alladinn's SA Leak Locaters in Cape Town

Leak Locater (Cape Town)We detect the location of any water based leaks be it from pinhole to drips saving you thousands of rands on Breaking open and/or digging on an "Idea" where the leak 'appears to be"- COSTLY unneccary work , as to where we Pinpiont locate the "OriGin of The water leak" Thus saving not only time and money but also severe frustrations for the occupants at the fraction of the Current price of Labour.The integrity of buried pipelines is of paramount importance from a safety, environmental and cost perspective. ALLADINNS.SA Cape Town provides a range of Pipeline Integrity Tests from Smart Interrupters which enable the measurement of the effectiveness of Cathodic Protection Systems to Pipeline Current Mapping to identify and locate weaknesses in pipelines Email Andre Prinsloo or phone 0215564284


Alladinn's SA Leak Locaters