African Dope Records in Cape Town

Krushed & Sorted's cult Independent record label from Cape Town, developing and releasing cutting edge electronic / urban music hybrids with an afriKan twist by local Cape Town artists and producers, and licensing music to foreign labels, films, ads, games and new media.
  • CD sales

    We sell cds by The Real Estate Agents, Kalahari Surfers, Waddy Jones, Krushed & Sorted, African Dope Soundsystem and many more. Sales from our own online store and discerning outlets around the world.
  • MP3 sales

    We sell mp3s and other digital formats of music by Kalahari Surfers, Krushed & Sorted, Felix Laband, Krushed & Sorted, African Dope Soundsystem and many more. On sale from most digital download sites worldwide.
  • Music licensing

    We source, research, supervise, license and clear music for use in branded 'premium' compilations, films, ads, tv programs, games, websites, corporate videos and any other usage of music. We will find and clear it for you!


African Dope Records

cd sales mp3 sales music licensing