3D Designs in Cape Town

3D Designs offers 3 dimensional solutions and designs for anything from business cards, pictures, lightboxes and backdrops for trade shows.

  • 3D business cards

    We design and print 3 dimensional business cards to showcase your business in a new and exciting way.
  • 3 D pictures

    We print 3 dimensional pictures of different sizes to be used in various ways. Enquire about a design or bring your own custom picture.
  • 3 D lightboxes

    Design and construction of 3 dimensional lightboxes used as decoration or advertising.
  • Backdrops for trade shows

    Innovative designs and implementation of backdrops for trade shows will help promote your business and attract potential customers to your display.


3D Designs

3d business cards 3 d pictures 3 d lightboxes backdrops for trade shows