1Call Auto-Part in Cape Town


For over 10 years 1 Call Auto-Part (0861 111 444) has been South Africa’s premier porthole for locating affordable cost saving used motor spares.

With over 250 used part suppliers onboard, WE SEND YOUR CONTACT DETAILS out and THEY CALL YOU BACK DIRECTLY. Try us out, it’s a FREE SERVICE, we actually make our money by charging the suppliers a small monthly subscription fee, much like an advertising expense.

If you end up needing to spend money with someone out of town, we also provide a Safe Trade™ service whereby you pay us for the spares and we advise the supplier to send the parts to you – if you are not happy, you can send the spares back at the suppliers cost and we refund your money.

There is a small Sate Trade™ fee which you can discuss with our call centre consultant.

Finding used spared has never been safer of easier; dial 0861 111 444 or mail us and check it out.

1 Call Auto Part cc (CK2001/067643/23) Vat 4020196582 servicing the motor industry for 10 years.


1Call Auto-Part