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121Outsource Group recently launched 121 Tickets on Line, Ticket technology. This Internet-Ticketing application provides for paperless purchase and pre-sale of tickets to events of all natures on an international basis.

The unique nature of the technology allows for the generation of a uniquely serialised ticket that is forwarded directly to a customer’s cell-phone as an alternative to the traditional paper ticket. 121 Tickets software provides a platform for the sale of tickets to all events, small or large and of all natures. The technology allows for quick and efficient ticket selection without the fuss normally attached to the collections of tickets.

The unique technology focuses primarily on Cell-Phone ticketing, ensuring that paper tickets are no longer a requirement to gain access to an event. For those who prefer, tickets are able to be printed on the website in the traditional manner. For those valued customers who do not have internet access, bookings may be made directly with the 121 Tickets call centre from 8AM-9PM daily. In addition to general ticketing, the 121 Tickets system caters to the processing of Reservations, Subscriptions, Enrolments, Electronic Gift Vouchers, products sales and many other exciting categories.

Customers are able to enjoy the benefit of making a booking 24/7 on www.121group.co.za/lifestyle.htm ticketing platform or may simply book directly with our call-centre. Customers who book on-line are able to select specific seating to all events where applicable.

Register for free onto the 121 Tickets network. There is absolutely NO CHARGE for loading events of any nature onto any of the 121 Tickets platforms - our contribution to the small and medium sized event-holders that have not been able to pre-sell tickets on opposition companies due to the high costs associated with listing an event. Events are automatically included into our categorised weekly newsletters FREE OF CHARGE to the event organiser.

Another of the many benefits of being a 121 Tickets user. A transaction fee is charged on all ticket sales that are achieved by 121 Tickets. Should no sales be achieved by us, NO MONEY is payable by you FOR

FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT Eugene du Plessis 121 Hospitality & Travel Land Line (021) 530-9121 Fax (021) 530-9138 Mobile (083) 226-7273 Email:lifestyle@121group.co.za Web:www.121group.co.za/lifestyle.htm

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121 Tickets On Line

121 tickets on line