DataRoom (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town / Johannesburg

DataRoom provides companies and their suppliers with a Telecoms Expense Management solutions that allows all role players to formulate, measure, manage, optimise and report on a telecoms strategy.

The offering is unique in that it is the first of its kind that 100 % demystifies monthly telecom expenditure, whilst simultaneously allowing the efficient management of telecoms.

DataRoom’s unique intelligent reporting solutions allow both the customer and their suppliers insight into call patterns. We use electronic invoices and itemised billing directly from service providers; to allow the measurement, management control, optimisation and reporting on telecoms expenditure in business.

The Nett result is a reduction of direct costs for the customer and the associated indirect costs normally incurred in managing voice expenditure. Essentially we are reducing your costs [direct voice costs and indirect management and consulting costs] around telecoms expenditure.

  • Telecoms Management

    Measurement, management, optimisation and reporting on total voice expenditure in business
  • Consulting

    DataRoom Dealers and Resellers utilise our business intelligence to manage their customers voice costs effeciently and quickly
  • Voice Infrastructure

    DataRoom Dealers and Resellers provide cost effective voice calls using our business intelligence to ensure your business makes voice calls at the most effective rate for your business need at all times.


DataRoom (Pty) Ltd

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