Vox Datapro in Cape Town / JHB / DBN

Vox Datapro supplies premium quality Internet & VoIP solutions to the business market sector. We offer an unrivalled range of high quality products and services backed up by excellent customer supportVox Datapro is a member of the listed Vox Telecom; an integrated Telecommunications company who provide the full range of Internet, Data and Voice over IP services through Vox Datapro, VoxTelecom and @lantic Internet services and their subsidiaries.
  • Usage Based ADSL

    Vox Datapros range of self-regulated, usage-based ADSLsolutions give you the opportunity to choose your bandwidthrequirements and cap your bandwidth to limit the amountyou spend on ADSL access each month. You only pay for whatyou use.
  • VoIP Services

    The Vox Datapro Silver voice service is delivered over the core network and caters for the termination of all PSTN traffic over interconnected services. Thus delivering Telco grade hand offs of calls to the PSTN providers to route on their networks. Calls to the GSM Service Providers are routed over GSM SIM banks hosted throughout out network. This enables Vox Datapro to offer GSM calls delivered in this manner at a lower rate. Connectivity and service costs are charged in order to enable the service. These costs can be mitigated by a rebate offered as standard on inbound calls to 087 numbers allocated to the service, should the customer wish to utilise them.
  • Fishbone Line Bonder

    The Fishbone Line bonding service is alolows for multiple ADSL connections of the same type and speed combined to create a single virtual high-speed connection. This operation allows for the creation of high speed internet connections and high-speed inter-branch connections. Multiple ADSL lines can be bonded together to create an ultra high-speed link capable of significantly fast upload and download speeds


Vox Datapro

usage based adsl voip services fishbone line bonder