Vision Catcher (Pty) Ltd in Bryanston

A range of Digital integration solutions for your management, monitoring, production, operational, recording and security needs. Management Information Systems. Mobile solutions. Cameras; IP oranalogue. Threat analysis, high resolution analysis, full integration to MIS for reporting; ANPR, Biometrics, POS, ATM and other requirements. "A quality image captured and processed for a betterresult".
Proven solutions
  • Digital Image Integration

    A range of bespoke and COTS (Customisable off the Shelf) solutions. Taking a single image and applying algorithms for ANPR, imaging, facial recognition, threat analysis, trip wires, no go areas and other imaging interfaces.

    • Digital Image Integration
  • Arecont Vision - High Definition Surveillance Solutions

    Arecont Vision - The ultimate megapixel camera offering ranging from 1-40MP cameras. Arecont is a market leader in IP and MP solutions, 3 year warranty, a clear and accurate image with options for WDR and IR illumination. A quality product range at excellent prices.

  • Exacq - Video Management Solutions

    ExacqVision is a market leader with over $70M turnover, now owned by Tyco International in recognition of the quality and abilites of this superior product. Capable of supporting one to a large number of independent ONVIF cameras, with high end storage and virtualisation. A simple and easy to use solution.

  • NDI-RS - Automatic Number Plate Recognition

    NDI-RS is the leading ANPR technology with an approved British Home Office 98% reliability. Vision Catcher integrates and supports the NDI-RS range providing ANPR for Access Control, high speeed traffic monitoring, Free Flow Toll Roads, Road User Charging, Journey time analysis, Mobile Policing weighbridge and other control mechanisms, with live database management and centralised control for over 150 million licence plates as used by The Metropolitan Police.

  • BRS Labs - Video Analytics

    BRS Labs is a leading video analytics software developer. Providing an umbrella software that will interface and piggy back with your existing CCTV system. The key is the ability to learn and evaluate picture scenarios to provide a "thinking" alert solution that will determine something unusual and trigger. A clever learning technology that leads the field.

  • Sky-Walker - Management Information Systems

    Sky-Walker is an open architecture Management Information System capable of integrating a wide range of legacy systems, SCADA, PLC and other control devices. Sky-Walker is installed in Barcelona, Brussels and Copenhagen Airports, European Commission, Parliament and Investment Banks, Antwerp Station, Belgium National Roads and Railways, Chilean Underground.
  • - Facial Recognition Software

    Ex-Sight.Com is a leader in FRS technology. Access, Login, Visitor Tracking and bespoke facial solutions. Accuracy of more than 95% using analogue and web cameras at an affordable price. The chosen FRS solution for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, and used nationally by the Brazilian Police Force.


Vision Catcher (Pty) Ltd
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