Bio ionic Brits in Brits

For dead straight hair permanently using the patented negative ion technology, we retexturize hair for a Straighter, smoother and more silky hair. Hair looks and feels healthier. It's also more manageble and its effortless to style everyday. You can still syle, curl and colour your hair as you have done before, only difference is that your hair will be straight and look great once you wash it.
  • Bio ionic

    Permanent hair straightening.Also available are hair treatments, products and hair irons. All at affordable prices.
    • Bio ionic
    • Bio ionic
    • Bio ionic
  • Hair styling

    Includes hair wash, conditioning treatment and hair iron using the patented bio ionic product and styling aids for a temporary straight look. See for yourself how you will look with straigh hair!
  • Hair irons

    Get the new ONE PASS iron, the fastest straightening iron ever with state-of-the-art Bio ceramic heaters with temperature control. Its like a conditioner with a cord. There is also the NANO-IONIC styling iron, which allows the oprator to turn, twist and flick sections of the hair.
  • Hair Products(i Tools)

    Available are: Shampoo, Conditioner, Ion vital, Hair Brushes, Hair dryers, iDry travel Dryer with dual voltage cordAll which include the ionic technology


Bio ionic Brits

bio ionic hair styling hair irons hair products(i tools)