Tech Genius in Brackenfell

"The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple." ? Albert Einstein Tech Genius tries do exactly that: Take all the complexity of your business and provide a simple technologysystem that makes it perform better. We aren't trying to be arrogant and say we have all the answers - in fact quite the opposite: Most business owners already know what the answers are to theirchallenges, we just translate those answers into technology systems - advanced websites, cloud systems and software applications, custom developed for your business needs: to take your business tothe next level of success. We would like to meet you in person - contact us for a free one hour needs analysis for your business.
We develop custom software and website systems for businesses, to take businesses to the next level of success.
  • Website Development

    Design and development of advanced custom websites for small to large businesses.
  • Software Development

    We design and develop custom software systems for small to large businesses.
  • Cloud Systems Development

    We develop custom cloud based systems for small to large businesses.
  • Technology Consulting

    We provide technology consulting services for small to large businesses.
  • Security Technology Consulting

    We assist residential estates with consulting services for security technology infrastructure.
  • People Genius CRM (456)

    People Genius CRM is a South African based Customer Relationship Management system, developed for small, medium and large enterprises. It is a very advanced system, which can be customized for yourspecific business needs. We have 3 packages: Basic (from R456 per month), Professional and Enterprise. Contact us for a free 14 day trial!


Tech Genius

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