Big City Life in Brackenfell

Furniture and fixtures custom designed and made for you. Nearly all of the products that we make are for people that have a specific piece of furniture in mind to fit a specific place in their home. When going about a furniture piece for a specific person, personality, style touch and feel is what determine your image, your gene sequa. We interactively design, sample different materials and at the end produce a furniture piece that you will not find in any shop and bears your personality.

  • Loose standing furniture

    Loose standing furniture and fixtures custom designed and made for you.
  • Built-in furniture

    Built-in furniture custom designed and made for you.
  • Apprentice Cabinetmaker

    We run an unofficial apprentice program where aspiring cabinet makers are taught how to do do wood work in a professional environment.
  • Commissions

    BigCityLife provides a design, manufacturing and project management service when commissioned.


Big City Life

loose standing furniture built-in furniture apprentice cabinetmaker commissions