Thermography TMS in Brackenfell South Africa

We are TMS. Infrared Thermography surveys are our business. Thermal imaging can prevent electrical fires, avoid costly failures, improve profitability and reduce operating cost and maintenance cost.The thermal imager locates problems Therefore reduce downtime of equipment Also called thermal imaging, Infrared Thermography is the maintenance diagnostic tool of the future. It detectstemperatures, whether it is hot or cold. We can utilize this technology to reduce downtime of equipment and therefore save time and expenses. Infrared Thermography resorts under the "Predictivemaintenance" discipline, which is becoming increasingly important in maximizing production up-time. In effect, we are "Production up-time" suppliers…. Thermal imaging has applications in variousfields. Our inspection services and images show where problems are located, and repairs can be effected before a failure occurs. One of the strengths of Infrared Inspections, is that it is done atfull load - no production interference.


Thermography TMS
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