Reconnective Healing in Bothasig, Cape Town

Reconnective Healing reminds your body how to be well. It is a new bandwidth of all-inclusive healing. Healers are in direct contact with the frequencies that bring about the ability to heal people on all levels. Energy, light and information flows and your body responds and starts to heal itself - working with the Universe.

  • Reconnective Healing

    Experience healing beyond anything you're read, thought or dreamed about.Reconnective Healing connects you to your own point of wholeness in the universe, to bring you back to balance on many levels. This is healing beyond technique, healing that allows you to access your own unique completeness.Your own healing ability will be initiated as you are brought into higher frequencies and continue to operate at that new, higher, level.
  • Counselling

    For guidance with Depression, Phobias, Trauma, Relationships, and Grief, Life Skills. An acknowledgement of a need for assistance is a show of strength in that you are able to recognise a need to reach for a happier, different, more enriching future.
  • Hypnotism

    Lose weight, stop smoking, deal more effectively with stress in your life, stop biting your nails ...


Reconnective Healing

reconnective healing counselling hypnotism