Natural Health Practitioner in bonaeropark, kemptonpark ( east rand )

I OFFER Alternative Health Care, Assessment of Natural Needs. Love Life Coaching: Infertility, Couple Therapy, Treatment for Impotence and better sex Naturally,Treatment for Libido For Men and Women.YOU BENEFIT Feel Better, Look Better, Live more Healthy, Get Rid of Parasites, Get Rid of Toxic Material.
  • Natural Health Assestment & Counselling

    Assessment of natural needs, premature/late ejaculation, libido for men & woman, Couple therapy, Infertility, Impotents,removing parasites and detoxification treatment.Rife Medic Treatment Treats 1800 illnesses.Caree CounsellingProblem child Counselling ADHDMuscle Spams & pain Relief
    • Natural Health Assestment & Counselling


Natural Health Practitioner

natural health assestment & counselling