Speedheat in Boksburg

Speedheat’s Generation4™ floor heating is a lightweight, superfast floor heating solution. It uses the best components, in the most effective, efficient and flexible systems. It is the result of 22 years of research and experience. Speedheat G4™ technology tickles the senses. It is visually discreet, just a thermostat on the wall; it is completely silent; doesn’t smell, unlike some heating systems; and finally, feel its warmth, WOW! All this adds up to create a feeling of supreme well-being and comfort. Beside this feast for the senses, there are the practical benefits of the G4™ system. Its ‘speed to comfort’ performance is unmatched both in time and economy.
  • Floor Heating

    Floor heating, under floor heating, tile heating, wood heating, laminate heating, screed heating, carpet heating, thermostats



floor heating