Lind Plasma & Oxyfuel Cutting in Boksburg

We have successfully supplied and installed multiple purpose built machines (eg one machine fitted with 2 plasma heads and 6 triple bevel gas heads)

We have successfully supplied and installed many machines to customers with a wide variety of applications from light industry to heavy industry.

LIND SA Automation is strategically centrally located in Jet Park to perform a full after sales service function to all its customers including consumable sales and planned machine maintenance.

LIND SA Automation currently specialises in the following fields of expertise:

CNC Cutting Automation

Laser - Hypertherm Fibre laser(Gantry type and Table type) and mini CO2 laser

Plasma - Hypertherm HPR XD and Hypertherm Powermax (Gantry type and Table type)

Bevel - plasma bevel with Hypertherm HPR XD and oxyfuel


CNC Drilling Automation

Table type (single spindle or multiple spindle)

Gantry type (single spindle or multiple spindle)

Welding manipulation

Positioners / rotators

E.Z. arc systems

Headstock and tail stock

Turning rolls

Column and boom manipulators

Circumferential welders

Seam welders


Lind Plasma & Oxyfuel Cutting
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