Risk Assessment Services in bloemfontein

Risk Assessment Services offer Businesses an 'easy-to use',affordable web-based platform to access Consumer Profiles enabling them to assess RISK prior to delivering goods or services and thereby minimizing financial loss.
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    RAS provides an "easy-to-access" tool to Businesses to speedily assess a consumer's ability to honor payment for goods or services PRIOR to actual delivery:1.You can scan a consumer before accepting a cheque, preventing potential loss.2.If you have been trading strictly cash, you are now able to offer various account facilities, thereby broadening you customer-base.3.If you already own a Debtors Book, you will be able to gather more information regarding a defaulting customer that is no longer contactable. You will also be better equipped to assess risk during the initial credit granting procedure for new business.4.If you need your existing Bad Debt or Write-off accounts to be recovered, we are able to facilitate the collection process.5.If you require a customer to be listed on a Credit Bureau due to poor or non-payment, we will facilitate the process.6.If you plan to run a "Valued Customer" pre-approved credit facility campaign for a targeted customer-base or a similar promotion, we can provide you with that specific "BULK" consumer information.


Risk Assessment Services

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