Hux Technologies ICT in Bloemfontein

Hux is a leading integrator of sophisticated, innovative and leading edge Business Infrastructure solutions that are based on Information, Communication and Office Automation Technologies.
  • Information Technology

    IT hardware and core software remains a fundamental part of any business and with more than ten years experience in this field, our employees are trained to analyze your needs and provide solutions that are truly turn-key and affordable with quality, compatibility and convergence at the heart of all solutions.
    • Information Technology
  • Office Automation

    Office automation is essential to any business, whatever its size, type or trading sector. The aim of office automation is to "save labour" by freeing employees for more important jobs and tasks by leaving what can be done by machines, to machines.
  • Techical Support Services

    Supporting businesses by ensuring in-time deliverance of technical services is what we do best. We offer a full lifecycle of IT infrastructure support services focusing on the development of managed services that meet any size business' demand for flexible out-sourcing of IT technical support.
  • Internet Connectivity

    We providing our clients with a fully converged communications infrastructure. Our Internet Services are connected to the largest internet backbone in South Africa and our connectivity solutions span the globe. Our customers benefit from unified communications solutions which are based on IP technologies.


Hux Technologies ICT

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