Diketso Eseng Dipuo Community Development Trust in Bloemfontein

We resource communitties. We train and support grassroots organisations to be able to provide support to children and their families
  • ECD Day Care Training

    Train ECD Teachers in NQF Level 1 & NQF Level IV. We train ECD Day Care Managers in Leadership and management of their centres
    • ECD Day Care Training
  • Help children access services

    Train volunteers to facilitate for chidlren to access birth certificates; social security grants; ECD services; Primary schools and to attend clinics regularly
  • Help caregivers improve families

    Train volunteers to support caregivers to access Identity documents; to improve family health, family safety, family nutrition state and to improve relationships within the households.
  • Resource grassroots organisations

    Fundraise for grassroots organisations; Train leaders and governing bodies of grassroots organisations; do bookkeeping for grassroots organisations; assist grassroots organisations to register as NPOs and PBOs
  • We are a resource for donors

    We do work for donor organisations as Intermediary and as a Resource for applications verificiations


Diketso Eseng Dipuo Community Development Trust

ecd day care training help children access services help caregivers improve families resource grassroots organisations we are a resource for donors