Marketing Fanatics in Benoni

Marketing Fanatics is a 360° marketing solutions organisation specialising in innovative concepts and results-producing campaigns for companies within the Built Environment. We pride ourselves as being a vibrant, fresh and forward-thinking team, implementing an all-inclusive marketing approach to help you map out the blueprint to your success.

  • Events

    Successful corporations are not only built on strong above-the-line marketing activities, but also rely heavily on direct contact by networking with clients as well as the relevant players in their field.
  • Strategy

    Your marketing strategy is the foundation to support your business. Without a base to build on, all that is left is an unbalanced jumble of ideas. A good strong foundation ensures a stable ground for a lasting and sustainable marketing structure.
  • Copywriting

    Communication is crucial to translate your projects into reality. Let Marketing Fanatics be the mouthpiece to your organisation and capture your purpose with flourish, giving your company a voice to trigger action.
  • Direct Marketing

    The only way to measure client response is to zone in on your target audience through customisable, direct communications.
  • Design

    Using the latest in graphic technology and design palettes, our design department will capture your ideals and engineer them into spectacular visual entities that are flexible and consistent.

    Whether you require an entirely new website, corporate identity or advertising material, our more-than-capable design team will fashion a solution that is simple, interactive and visually appealing.

  • Web Design

    In today's fast-paced, 24-hour lifestyle, a strong online presence is of paramount importance if you wish to stay competitive and establish yourself as a market leader.
  • Online Marketing

    n today's fast-paced, 24-hour lifestyle, a strong digital presence is of paramount importance if you wish to stay competitive and establish yourself as a market leader.

    A digital presence means nothing though, if it is not supported by short, sharp and succinct copy that cuts to the chase, and delivers bite-sized bits of information that lure the reader into discovering more about your company, its products and services.

  • Public Relations

    A perfectly positioned editorial piece can achieve the kind of results 
and consumer response that can catapult your business directly into the limelight - and translate directly into bottom-line profit and feet through your door.

  • Photography

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and in today's highly graphic society, the quality of imagery you present can really be the make or break factor in marketing your product.
  • Illustration

    Illustration presents a creative opportunity to truly differentiate your brand and add a unique character to sell your ideas with more flair and originality. Give your campaign a personality with creatively conceptualised illustrations that are carefully hand-crafted by our in-house wizard for use in brochures, adverts, on your website, wherever you want to make your mark and let your brand shine.


Marketing Fanatics
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