Laravis Architectural Construction in Benoni

Laravis Architectural Construction being an established firm since July 2007; our aim is to provide our clients with a full range of in-house services to suit their needs. We are proud to be affiliated with various professional bodies including the NHBRC and Finnbuide. From turnkey projects to painting; we have it covered. Think building and we do it, think renovate and we can, think handyman and that's so simple for us, think expert and experienced that's Jorge and the Laravis Architectural Construction Team. " Quality workmanship combined with your choice and our style."
  • Turnkey

    We specialise in palisade work, paving work, painting interiors and exteriors, roof work, ceilings, waterproofing, new gutters, bulkheads, alterations, additions, extensions, tiling, laminatedflooring, granite and caesar stone, kitchen cupboards/fittings, Cupboard fittings, kitchen revamps, bathroom revamps, woodwork, plumbing, carports, foundation digging, steel fitting, brick laying,plastering, boundry walls, carports, cornice & skirting, aluminium doors & window fittings, Door fittings, design, plans and so much more.


Laravis Architectural Construction
paving, painting, roofs, ceilings,bulkheads, alterations, additions, tiling, granite, kitchen cupboards, cupboards, kitchen/bathroom revamps, plumbing, carports, foundations, brick laying, plastering, boundry walls, carports