IP Biometrics in Benoni

Platinum Distributors of EziBiz making Biz Ezi products, the only company to offer a standard Three year manufacturer's warranty on selected BizEzi products.

Some of our BizEzi products even offer USA* Technology (Unique Spectrum Ability) - Sensor capable of reading only 60% of the fingerprint for 100% verification.

Export Directly to Excel or Payroll on selected models - How Ezi is that?

Saving you time and money with our fingerprint and facial readers within South Africa and abroad.

Some of our units can be used for access control as well and can be linked to magnetic locks, electric locks, boom gates, turnstiles etc. The applications are limitless with our units being able to handle 1 to 10 000 employees.

Best Service - Best Price - Best Solution

Fingerprint Readers are growing in popularity for a variety of users and uses, from large enterprises to the café on the corner. With Biometric Readers using facial or fingerprint recognition as the most common criteria, 'time theft' by employees will be eliminated. Most companies save up to 20% on their payroll by implementing our system.

Our biometric time and attendance units employ facial or fingerprint Technology to deliver a robust solution for access and time management. By scanning an individual's face or fingerprints, employees cannot ask a friend to clock on or off for them, ensuring they're only credited for the time they're actually on site. The payroll savings alone make our biometric time and attendance products some of the soundest investments you'll ever make, preventing employee fraud and creating a unique work record for each member of staff.

ID cards can be lost, stolen or swapped between employees - faces and fingers cannot! Fingerprint readers are secure and dependable and will save you thousands of Rand in payroll fraud every year.


IP Biometrics
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