Alan Mallinick in Benoni

Stress Counselling, Conflict Resolution, Reiki, Energy Work, Corporate training, Drum circles, Sound Journeys, Holistic Personal Development.
  • Sound Journey

    Sound Journeys are an incredible adjunct to training and wellness incentives.A focussed group session of stress relief that leaves everyone revitalized and with a new perspective on their role in the "big picture".I cater for both Private and Corporate groups
  • Counselling

    This covers anything from conflict resolution to dealing with grief.Fast, effective, diffusion of emotionally based turmoil
  • Drum Circles

    Drumming is very effective metaphorically in the business world. We can provide you with a drumming experience that you'll not forget, whether it's for a party or for your top level corporate management team, or anything in between, call for more info.
  • Holistic Personal Development

    Individual holistic coaching to get you over those bumps in the road.When your path is clear to you, you'll no longer crawl through life.You will stride effortlessly toward your greatness
  • Energy Wok

    This service includes which ever modality is requires to get the job done effectively, whether it be Reiki or E.F.T.I provide this service in the tranquil surroundings of The Gateway, or I travel to you and work in the privacy of your office.


Alan Mallinick

sound journey counselling drum circles holistic personal development energy wok