The Prophetic Seminary by Willie du Toit in Benoni, South Africa

A Prophetic Platform hosting seminars, conferences, schools and sessions to equipt the Church to establish God's Kingdom on earth. We deevelop and design Theological and Prophetically orientated training material, academic courses and teaching requirements. We serve the Body of Christ locally and internationally.
  • Conference hosting

    We specialize in Prophetic Conference hosting to the international Christian Church,and other interested groups. We do it inhouse, at the client's premises or at any chosen venue and normally is hosted over a period of 3 days to be effective and life changing. Topics are very fresh, innovative, Biblically sound, and Holy Spirit inspired. Great testimonies are available of lives being transformed and includes attendees from normal Church membership to leadership impartation.
  • Prophetic Courses

    Enroll in our Prophetic Seminary online and allow your life to be completely transformed by our unique, fresh and relevant Prophetic courses. Discover who you really are, why you were created and what God truly think of you. Learn how to hear His voice, obey His instructions and be usde by Him in your community, Church, City or nation.
  • Theological/Prophetical Article writing

    We develop, design, and compile unique and relevant articles, newsitems, manuals and writings on the Apostolic/Prophetic and can assist you in any of these, to be used by you for your own purposes. You provide us with the topic, or leave it to us, and we meet your exact needs.
  • Reaching your Community

    Allow us to assist you in an outreach towards your community to tell them about the Lord Jesus Christ. We have all it takes to set up, and launch such an outreach!


The Prophetic Seminary by Willie du Toit

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