MJR international in Bellville,Western Cape

Maker of exclusive high end hand crafted writing instruments
  • MJR international ,Independant distributor of GNLD Nutritional ,Personal care and Household cleaning products.

    MJR International,independant GNLD Distributor supplies Gnld Healthcare,Personalcare and Super Concentrated cleaning products.GNLD was established in 1958 and has since Produced world first products.Formula1V plus,Tre-en-en,carotenoid complex(patented, British pat.no.2,274,235).Super concentrated household biodegradeble products Super10,LDC,G1 laundry compound,Soft and Care are real money savers.Swiss developed NUTRIANCE Personal and skincare helps you turn back the time every day.Intensive, time-defying factors,delivered through the exclusive NUTRIANCE Synergy Cycle,can stop,prevent and even reverse-the effects of time on your skin.The late Dr Arthur Furst, well known toxicoligist established the Gnld Scietific Advisory Board in 1974 which oversees the research and developement of GNLD products.www.gnld.co.za


MJR international
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