RNB Debt Management in Bellville

Our company can: • Lower your monthly installments • Prevent the repossession of your assets • Prevent legal action against you • Freeze all payments to creditors for 60 days
Debt Review
  • Debt Counselling

    Debt Review is where a Debt Counsellor restructures installments to allow you to pay your debt and meet your basic living expenses. Debts are paid monthly who will then distribute your money according to the restructure plan set out by your debt counselor. Debt Review is not the same as a sequestration, debt consolidation or being under administration. Through Debt Review you stay in control of your finances. The Debt Counsellor will negotiate new terms of repayment with all of your creditors in an attempt to repay all of your debt in the shortest time possible.


RNB Debt Management
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