NOSTiC Asset Management in Bellville

Individualised financial planning based upon the client's financial position, and considering the needs at retirement and life/disability incidents. Associated financial services include: Estate planning, Investment management, Life & Disability cover, Medical aid.

  • Financial planning

    After determining the client's financial position, various reports are available for Retirement Planning, Risk Planning & Estate Planning. The optimal investment & risk strategies can then be implemented.
  • Estate planning

    The assets and liabilities of the client and his/her spouse is analysed to determine its ownership at the death of a partner. Based on the subsequent report, the appropriate allocation of assets to partners, dependents and other entities are considered & implemented.
  • Investment management

    Based on the risk appetite of the client, various listed and unlisted investment vehicles will be considered. The objective is to maximize returns at acceptable risk levels through diversification, and to manage client’s portfolios by quarterly reports & annual revisions.
  • Life & Disability Cover

    In order to provide adequate capital at death or disability, an independent analysis is done of the policies available to the client (including policies currently in force). Once the structure is agreed upon it will be implemented by our Administration team.
  • Medical aid

    Any existing cover will be analysed and compared to our current product of choice, Discovery Health.


NOSTiC Asset Management

financial planning estate planning investment management life & disability cover medical aid