Medi Spa Clinic : Endermologie/Lipomassage/CEYA: body contouring, firming, lifting. TC3000: spider vein removal. VPL Energist:permanent hair removal/skin rejuvenation. Facials, RegimA Peels, waxing, pedicures, massages, bodywraps, lash extensions, permanent make-up,teeth whitening, hairdresser and nail technician, Botox/Fillers.


    Recognised worldwide as the "Rolls Royce" of cellulite and body contouring treatments. This french technique available in SA since 1997 has become the treatment of choice. The first mechanical treatment approved by FDA of USA. Results seen only after a few weeks.
  • CEYA

    Ceya introduces a "spring-board" treatment concept giving a new sensational image in just 20 minutes. A reflexology treatment using plates, equivalent to 3-day detox. Excellent for face, breast, buttocks,tummy and love handles. Radiowaves firm and lift by penetrating through skin, fat, muscle, bone and speeding up metabolism.

    Spider vein removal which has immediate and lasting results. Medically tested and proven. No side effects -only a healing period, dependent on client. Treatment up to 80cm in one session of 20 minutes. Very moderate endurable pain. No down time, no elastic stockings or bandages required. All skin photo types.
  • VPL Energist

    Most advanced hair removal and skin rejuvenation unit available. Uses "variable pulsed light". Ensures safe, fast, effective treatment. Traditionally cosmetic procedures were associated with lasers. Technology and research has progressed, showing that IPL and particularly "Variable Pulsed Light" produces better results and less discomfort. Controls absorption minimising heat surrounding skin.



endermologie ceya tc - thermo coagulation vpl energist