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identified an increasing demand for professional, independent specialist fire and safety auditors.Based in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa ICR Solutions undertakes work through-out Africa. The company provides solutions by interpreting International Best Practice Standards and area specific Legislation to facilitate legal compliance and design programs that are suited to the challenges faced by businesses within Africa.With a combined wealth of over 40 years experience within the Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Prevention, Fire Safety and Risk Assessment fields, ICR Solutions is well equipped to efficiently and cost-effectively manage your business’ legal safety compliance requirements.By using the latest methods and technologies within the industry, ICR Solutions ensures that the most suitable solutions are applied to your company’s operating systems. Coupled with experience, training and skill, this practice ensures that clients not only meet legislative requirements, but often exceed common benchmarks set within their respective industries.Been based in Africa, and having experience and knowledge of the processes and procedures undertaken when combating fires in the continent together with internationally recognised training, ICR Solutions consultants maintain a holistic view towards fire and safety within the African setting. Knowing the challenges faced within the Fire and Emergency fields in Africa makes our solutions extremely practical and the goals set obtainable.
  • Fire Safety Consultants

    Fire Risk AssessmentsBy combining decades of experience, knowledge and training, ICR Solutions will conduct a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment of your business’ operation. By identifying areas of risk and possible non-compliance (in regards to legislation), clients can take pro active preventative measures to minimise the probability of fires occurring and/or the spread of fire. It should be remembered that contravention of legislation constitutes legal grounds for insurers to dispute payments in the event of fire and/or associated damage.
  • Fire Systems Audits

    Independent Fire Systems Auditing Assessment of existing fire safety and prevention systemsICR Solutions will assess and review a client’s existing fire safety and prevention systems to ensure legislative compliance and provide advice on any changes or additions required to maintain optimal preparation in this regard.
  • Thermal Imaging Risk Assessments

    ICR Solutions offers Heat Signature and Thermal Imaging Assessments of installations. This specialised assessment identifies “Hot Spots” within any operation, from electrical installations to mechanical installations.By using the latest technology available ICR Solutions are able to identify potential heat caused hazards, mechanical overheat points and potential mechanical breakdown points that result from abnormal heat stress. This system is largely beneficial in determining probable origins and sources for fires.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Consultants

    As required in the development of project Occupational Health and Safety systems, ICR Solutions will conduct risk assessments on behalf of the client prior to commencement of projects to compile a Safety Specification as is required by the Construction Regulations. It is also necessary for the client to conduct risk assessments at different intervals of a development, as working conditions and circumstances constantly change as the project progresses. In addition the client is required to undertake regular audits to ensure contractor compliance with the provided safety specifications. ICR Solutions is able to undertake these intermittent assessments on behalf of the client, thereby ensuring ongoing compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


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