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Step 4 life dance program entitles anyone to learn how to dance in a fun, easy and professional way. Latin, ballroom and social dancing. The classes are given in a group class format, from beginners to advance dancers. ... Private lessons available. Wedding couple specials. Gala events No experience needed, a partner is not necessary and all ages are welcome. The aim of the step4life dance program is to enable each and every person to have the chance to learn to dance in the most enjoyable and affordable way. It is a fun way of exercising, a perfect way for couples to bond and a great place to meet new people. The dance program will prepare you to be able to dance at social events with full confidence. The dance program will also do effort to arrange social events at which you can master your new skills. Join the Step4life dance program !!

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  • Group lessons

    Join Ballito Step4life dance program for the 24 week dance program . Learn all Latin, Ballroom and Social. Beginner lessons every Tuesday 18h00-19h00. No partner needed and all ages welcome. Cost R350 per person for the 24 week dance program.Visit out Website for more info .

    • Group lessons
  • Wedding couple lessons

    At Step4life, wedding couples have the opportunity to train for their special day under the watchful eye of a professional at very affordable prices. We suggest that brides and grooms take private lessons to master the steps for the first dance on their special day. Let us bring you on step closer to your dream.

    • Wedding couple lessons
  • Step4life Rules

    Rules and Regulations of the Step4life dance program

    • 1. Registration forms

    Every student that wants to take part in the step4life dance program has to complete a registration form; we not only require the contact details of students but the health information is also crucial, please indicate your health status

    Printed forms are available at the venue, though your host, forms can also be e-mailed to you or you can find them on our website

    Registration forms have to be submitted the Friday before your 1st lesson by 4pm, with payment advice in order to activate your registration. Registering on your first lesson creates chaos and disrupts the class. Instructors are solely there to teach, your registration will be handled by our admin department.

    No student may participate if registration has not been activated. An SMS /email will be sent to you confirming activation, as well as when your 1st lesson will be.

    On the bottom left hand corner you can find our banking details, please note that your reference number is crucial otherwise your registration will be delayed

    Please note that once you have started with the program, no refunds will be given.

    • 2. Lesson times

    The duration of the program will be 24 weeks, one lesson per week.

    There will be no class on public holidays

    If instructor is absent due to illness the same lesson will be given on a different day.

    • 3. Dance Program

    Program is planned ahead of time; no lesson will be incorporated with another. The aim is not to push as many steps into one lesson but rather to dance on a high standard

    • 4. Lessons

    The duration of a lesson is 60 minutes, please arrive at the venue 15 min before lesson starts. Individuals with Sport injuries should warm up properly before the lesson starts

    You are there to be taught, not to teach, teaching should be left for the instructors

    Respect fellow students and behave yourself in a professional manner

    • 5. Dress code

    Smart casual

    • 6. Hygiene

    Remember that you are constantly active and between people, consider those around you, you might not notice it yourself but others do. We recommend dove as an antiperspirant. If you know that you might start perspirating, please bring along a sweat towel and some water to keep hydrated

    • 7. Attendance

    In case you cannot attend a lesson, please let your instructor know, via telephone/sms/email.

    Please remember that the lessons you so not attend, will be forfeited not only do you lose the lesson but the steps taught in that lesson as well, it is difficult to catch up at a later stage. Please commit yourself fully to this program and you will reap the rewards.

    There will be extra lessons for new student to catch up to where we are in the program, see this as n perk not compulsory

    • 8. Behaviour

    Please note that dancing is a gentleman's sport. Should you be intoxicated you will be escorted from the premises immediately. Although the program has been created to socialize, please refrain from embarrassing yourself and those around you.

    • 9. Music System and Hi-Tech Equipment

    No student will be allowed to touch the sound system at any time.

    • 10. Property and valuables

    Please note that all valuables should be left at home, we do not accept any responsibility or liability for loss or damages to property

    • 11. Minors

    Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by their guardians

    These rules and regulations are there to protect our students as well as our company.

    In case of any complaints please visit our website and submit you complaint online

    • Step4life Rules


Ballito Step4life dance program

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