Roumen Farms Wholesale Nursery in Atherstone

Our wholesale nursery / landscape nursery offers high quality plants, including clivias, daylilies, agapanthus and many more. Roumen Farms is located in the beautiful Limpopo Province of South Africa.
  • Wholesale Nursery

    Roumen Farms Wholesale Nursery offers top quality landscape plants, including award-winning Clivias, daylilies and more . . .
  • Clivias

    Roumen Farms offers award-winning clivias and clivia seeds. Clivia plants are very waterwise, low maintenance and great for landscape and shade areas.
  • Daylilies

    Roumen Farms Wholesale Nursery has done an extensive amount of cross-pollination on the daylilies, with the first batch of our own American Hybrid crosses available this season.


Roumen Farms Wholesale Nursery

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