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We manufacture health oriented soy and wheat hundred percent pure vegetarian, all Halaal, SHUDDHA and shortly, Jewish BETH DIN endorsed, meat substitutes. Our current Meal Maker range is pure vegan(not even onion or garlic. is preservative free, egg and dairy free, contain only pure vegetable colour and to boot, contain no oil or fat, excepting inherent plant fat within raw materials, which the products are then termed fat free, containing less than 3g plant fat per 100g, which is a source of mono-unsaturated (rich in Omega3 EFA) and poly-unsaturated fats (Omega 6) - no saturated or trans fats. We produce a lovely chico breast product (Chicolets), veg protein cuts (veg beef style), veg fillets - (really chunky and luscious) and a variety of savoury slices, ideal for lunch packs. We have many more products in our range, which will be introduced as affordable. The content of our 400g packs are robust and light on the digestion, filling and economical for our customers - only trouble is most of our customers overeat on our range! Our products won an Award for Outstanding Achievement at the Anuga Fair in Cologne, Germany in 1983 and on popular demand, we re-introduced first of our large range in 2006 and with markets establishing, we can look forward to what we love doing most - designing food with the finest raw materials we can find anywhere in the world! Thanks for wanting to know about my Company!
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    VEGETARIAN WORLD'S RARE SELECTION! Want quality pure vegetarian meat substitutes? Our range of Meal Makers are nutritious, light on digestion and filling - NO egg or dairy or preservatives,only pure veg colour,contain only inherent plant fat (Omega 3 EFA's) at 3g per 100g. Crisp yet succulent, precooked our Super Seven are ready for your use in your favourite recipes!


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