Learn to play piano like a professional in the comfort of your own home with SAREX piano lessons and music tuition. We give lessons in both the piano and keyboard. Free aptitude test! Learn to swing and improvise! Chord Formulas! The working of the cycle of fifths and fourths! Replace all common chords! Adding Chord modulations, Intros, Endings, Interludes and Jazz Riffs! Don’t just ting tong... do it like a pro!! We are available during and after working hours! Young and old all are welcome all levels of experience. Lessons range from R130.00 to R160.00 per hour depending on your location. Call today on 0791791301 to find out more!

Sarex Piano Tuition keyboards for sale.Brand new keyboards available at killer prices from top manufacturer. Extradiscounts and special prices available for new students taking up piano lessonswith Sarex Piano Tuition. Piano lessons are available from R130.00 per lesson.Call us today on 0791791301 for more information. Keyboards from R2000.00!!(Alberton) 079-1791301

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    • piano lessons
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    brand new keyboards from top manufacturers going from R2000.00 special discount to new students



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