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We take on the role of a sensitive but firm ethical mediator, whereby we successfully collect monies in such a way that the image of our client is not tarnished. MC van Dyk & Associates collect outstanding funds on a "no collection - no fee" basis. All funds collected by MC van Dyk & Associates are administrated by the company's Trust account. MC van Dyk & Associates will provide our clients with a full progress report on all matters handed over for collection within fourteen to twenty one working days of receipt thereof, and thereafter on a monthly basis. Our offices acknowledge that all communication passed between ourselves is privileged and will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be disclosed to any person in or outside your organisation other than on a need to know basis. All negotiations and payments are to be made through the offices of MC van Dyk & Associates. Debtors should be referred back to our offices once handed over for collection, by the client. The reason being larger payments and definite arrangements can be secured by us with your debtors. Should a debtor that has been handed over for collection pay directly to the client, MC van Dyk & Associates will still be entitled to our commission as set out in our Mandate. They are assisted by Personal Assistants. The Account Manager is responsible for the following: • to ensure that you get regular feedback on the status of your cases, • to provide guidance to yourselves, • to ensure that your individual cases are handled to ensure optimal results. Your Account Managers name appears on the front page of this document and is available to assist you. The secret of successful collections is communication between your company and your Account Manager. At times your Account Manager will request additional information or documentation which could be critical to the negotiation of the successful collection of the amount outstanding. Companies who are registered as Limited, Pty Limited, CC or sole traders The following information is supplied to our clients: • Trading name and commencement of business • Telephone and fax number/s • Date of registration of company • Registered address • Auditors / Accountants details • Full details on all members and/or Directors • Trade references • Bank details • Bank codes • Judgments / Defaults / Adverse listings After obtaining quotes from various attorneys, the most cost-effective quote is accepted on behalf of our client. Reports are provided promptly to MC van Dyk & Associates, who in turn forward all information to the client directly. We then monitor the process to ensure that your company receives the most effective and efficient service. Although litigation is not the most cost-effective method of collecting outstanding accounts in some cases, it is unfortunately the only method. It should be noted that we would only proceed with litigation after receipt of your acceptance to litigate


MC Van Dyk & Associates
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