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Welcome to Boxman Alberton homeowners/rental owners, and needing boxes/packaging materials, come to your friendly experts where we have the perfect solution awaiting for you..We have the completehome mover kit which consists of: BOXES 1 x 5 file storage box-holds 5 arch lever files(tidy & neat) 4 x mover 4-pack all your books/cutlery into them. 5 x mover 5 boxes-for packing all yourcrockery into them. 8 x mover 6 boxes-pack all your kiddies soft toys into them, 8 x mover 7 boxes-pack all your slightly larger items into them PACKAGING MATERIALS 1 x Packing paper-to wrap up yourcrockery into them before packing into boxes 1 x marking pen(permanent marker) 20 x corner pieces -protection against your picture frames/mirrors from chipping 20 x fragile stickers 4 x 10m Aerothenerolls-another form of bubble wrap We also have other varieties of boxes that we are selling.
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