Spiritual - Tarot -Psychic Readings in Alberton, Gauteng

Dr Edwin fulfills different social and political roles in community including , Divination , healing physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses . Dr Edwin deals with the following > • Financial Problem • Troubled Marriages/Divorce • Court Cases • Jobs and Promotion at Work • Family Tortures • Property Protection • Cleansing Homes • Nightmares • Strong Memory • Creating Love • Curing of Paralysis, Sciatica, Gout • Promotion of businesses • Gaining Popularity and Employment • Help from Evil Effects, Spells and Curses • Palm Readings • Spiritual Advice • Fortune Telling Dr Edwin Wade is well-known across South Africa, with clients based mainly in Eastrands,Johannesburg Available for private, Facebook , Twitter ,Skype or telephone consultations Call: +27834361233
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    SPIRITUAL HEALER Binding Your Lover To Love You Only Bring Back Lost Lover Even If Lost For A Long Time Do You Want Your Lover To Marry You ? Do You Want To Stop A Divorce Or You Want A Divorce? Men Use And Dump You ?(Ladies) LUCKY CHARMS Lucky Charms For Financial Problems Do You Want To Win A Court Cases Or Tenders? Looking For A Job & Promotion At Work? Winning Serious Court Cases At Any Stage In Any Secret Deal FAMILY PROBLEMS Misunderstanding With Family Members & In Laws Are You The Only Person Suffering In The Family? You Failing To Get Babies( ladies & Men) Family Members Jealousy A Bout You? PROTECTION CHARMS Do Have Bad Dreams, tokoloshe Of Any Kind Come For Protection Are you fired & You Want Your Job Back? Do You Have Problem With Your Bosses At Work? Charm For Men Admire You & Propose you Is He Unwilling To Marry You?(Come Now) Is There Same One Disturbing Your Relationship?(Come Now) Is Some One Against You At Work?


Spiritual - Tarot -Psychic Readings

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